About Us


Who is TransArmour?

TransArmour Inc. is a groundbreaking new company taking a new approach to the utility market.  TransArmour has engineered innovative coatings by utilizing the very latest technology to solve corrosion issues on the grid. 


Why was TransArmour created?

TransArmour was created as a result of my 20 years of experience working in the utilities industry.  Corrosion issues were a constant topic of discussion, but no one had a solution.  Our mission was clear.  How do we provide a solution to end corrosion and save the utility companies a lot of money in maintenance costs for the future.


How was TransArmour created?

The creation of TransArmour coatings is a story I love to share, but it is one of great length and best told in person.  The short version is simple...

We partnered with scientists who had years of experience in the field of corrosion, and with outstanding research, a lot of forward thinking, and a tremendous investment, TransArmour was created. 

About Us